Thursday, March 16, 2006

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Wag the Dog: Change the Subject Again!

March 16, 2006

Wag the Dog: Change the Subject Again!

By Richard Kuper

The Op Ed Page

Back in November 2005, I wrote an article titled: Wag the Dog: Change the Subject.
Well, the Bush administration continues to try to change the subject, and they are now going to extraordinary measures to do it. Now they are using an army website to do it. On Wednesday March 15 they published the first of what they say will be many declassified documents over the next many months in their latest attempts to justify the invasion of Iraq.

Clearly having the lowest approval ratings in history (Bush very low, Cheney half of that), plus the looming mid-term elections, have played heavily into this decision. The Bush administration is counting on the press going back to their lapdog ways and just reporting this without pointing out what I've just stated above. (Note that if there actually was a great "liberal" media, they would have questioned and investigated everything all along.) They are also counting on the American people having short memories and forgetting and ignoring all the documentation showing how Bush planned to go after Saddam Hussein before 9/11 and simply used 9/11 as the excuse to invade Iraq. For those who only read the newspapers or watch the evening news, perhaps you missed a big story that was poorly reported. The following links from May 5th, 2005 may be helpful:

I, for one, hope the American people and the press have finally awoken from their stupor and won't be taken in by this latest attempt to change the subject.