Thursday, January 26, 2006

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Beware of these Phone Scams

January 26, 2006

Beware of these Phone Scams

By Richard Kuper

The Op Ed Page

Someone I know received a call this morning that went something like this:

The caller says: "You have been selected for a government grant of $12,500, tax free."

The caller asks: "Are you an American citizen?"
You say "Yes."

The caller asks: "Are you over 18?"
You say "Yes."

The caller says: "The money will be wired within 48 hours to your bank account. Can I have your banking information for the wire?"

If you have caller id, at this point you should be capturing the number and reporting it to the SEC and the FTC. If you don't have caller id, you should try to get whatever info you can from the caller, such as his/her phone number, name, business name, address, etc. but under no
circumstances should you give him/her any of your personal information like your name, address, or bank information.