Thursday, August 23, 2007

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Corporate Cost Cuts Have A High Price

According to this article, " The recent health and safety scares that led to major toy and food recalls highlight the pressures facing companies that export their manufacturing, and just how quickly a corporate image can become tarnished." However, the article, in this writers' opinion, misses the larger point. This is just the latest display of how shipping work and jobs out of the US has been a disaster for the the citizens of the USA. The press has done a very poor job of reporting on all the people in this country who have lost their jobs and have either never found work or had to take lower paying jobs if they could find any in order to support themselves and their families. And of course none of the government statistics address this. For example, the reported unemployment rate is not anywhere close to reality. At best it only counts those who are currently collecting unemployment. It does not count those whose benefits have run out or who were never entitled to benefits in the first place.

There is a serious but under-reported crisis in this country. Hopefully some of the media will wake up and start reporting regularly on the true state of unemployment and corporate greed and how off-shore outsourcing of jobs and other factors have contributed to this sorry state of affairs.

Richard Kuper
The Op Ed Page

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