Sunday, July 22, 2007

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Second Impression: WCBS-FM

A week ago I posted my first impressions of the return of WCBS-FM. It appears what I wrote was read by the management of WCBS-FM because they appear to have addressed the issues I raised:

  • That obnoxious jingle telling us where "Jack" went (no one cares and it was ticking everyone off) is gone (or at least it wasn't played during any time I tuned in this past week).

  • They seem to have discovered that there are more songs over a 30+ year spread than can be played within 48 hours, and although there still are some repeats, each time I've tuned in over the past week I heard songs I had not heard played since the relaunch.

  • And most importantly, WCBS-FM is playing songs from the 1950's and early (pre-1964) sixties. As I stated in the previous article, "there would be no Rock & Roll of the 1960's, the 1970's or beyond without the Rock & Roll of the 1950's."

Richard Kuper
The Op Ed Page

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